Friday, March 30, 2007


Why reach out on the internet, if not to be part of a community? Statistically small, and spread out across the country though we may be, we all share a unique perspective. For months, my family and I found strength and comfort, information and provocative thoughts within our virtual community.

A morning or evening ritual has become "checking in" on blogs and boards. When contemplating my own blog and how I could add something of value to the community, the first thought was to make my daily surfing habit available and accessible to everyone:


Other new features include:


Every "Ethiopian Adoption Blog", "Other African Adoption Blog" and "Parent(s) Who've Adopted Transracially Blog" that has a feed has been subscribed to and is now a CLICK AWAY.

This saves you from having to subscribe to this list yourself! Make it YOUR morning/evening routine.


This is basically an "e-mailing" list -- for timely alerts, like "Hey, this person of interest is going to be on TV in a few hours" or for important site information. It will be used VERY SPARINGLY.


This is a focused place for recommended books and products of interest to families like us, including books for adults and kids about adoption and race, products for co-sleeping and multicultural toys and gifts.

Our community has tremendous untapped economic, social and political power. Not conventional politics, where I'm sure everyone differs wildly, but specific to trying to uplift humanitarian efforts and stop easily treatable infectious diseases in Africa, eliminate racism domestically and support transracial families. For example, if I donate or buy something off the internet, I always try to go through a blog I like.

One question as I go forward is: "how much advocacy (for the above topics) do I include?" And, what causes? I've been working on two other link categories -- responsible shopping and non-profits. Literally, the list is endless and impossible to vet. Feedback is welcome.

After all, we're a community, so let's discuss!


Betina said...

Wow! What a great site you have. I will be here often. I can't wait to explore all the resources you have on the right side bar.

Our dossier is almost done being translated then will be at the orphanage, and we will soon be in the "waiting" mode. '

No better way to spend the waiting moments than researching and exploring!

jen said...

You've got SO many resources listed here already, and it seems you haven't been around all that long - great job! I look forward to reading/commenting here.

patjrsmom said...

You definitely have put a lot of effort into your work here. It is a great resource for families in all stages of the adoption process. Thanks for your efforts.

haze said...

Thanks for adding me to your list! It's a great site you have here.