Sunday, March 11, 2007

US Army in Ethiopia: DISCOVERY'S "Our Children's Children's War"

At 9:00 PM, Eastern time - TONIGHT (Sunday, March 11th, 2007), Ted Koppel explores the future of the war on terrorism, in the special "Our Children's Children's War" on Discovery.

When promoting the show on "Meet the Press" this morning, Koppel showed a clip, in which Special Forces were on the ground, training Ethiopian soldiers. He explained that a few weeks later, those forces helped contain the Islamic extremist rebels in Somalia. More interestingly, he mentioned the Army is now focusing on intervening in Africa to a greater extent, doing both humanitarian work and, obviously, offering military training and support. Koppel explains that the Army views this as the future of the war on terrorism -- training and motivating indigenous forces to do the brunt of the fighting against Islamic extremists.

Read and watch more on his DISCOVERY site.


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