Friday, April 27, 2007

Addis Sheraton the New Guantanamo!

Is anyone worried that our government has turned a downtown hotel in Addis Ababa into a potential target for a terrorist attack?!?!? Seriously, ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS? (full article here)

More than 200 FBI and CIA agents have set up camp in the Sheraton Hotel here in Ethiopia's capital and have been interrogating dozens of detainees -- including a U.S. citizen -- picked up in Somalia and held without charge and without attorneys in a secret prison somewhere in this city, according to Ethiopian and U.S. officials who say the interrogations are lawful.

U.S. and Ethiopian officials say they have netted valuable information from some of the 41 detainees, who are being brought before a court whose proceedings are closed to the public.

Others have been quietly released, however, and human rights groups are criticizing the joint operation as a kind of "decentralized Guantanamo" in the Horn of Africa.