Thursday, April 26, 2007

Urban Outfitters Still Selling Shirt in Stores

It's been confirmed that Urban Outfitters STILL HAS THE SHIRT IN STORES. They think they can combat an internet campaign by taking it off the site, but leaving the shirt in stores -- without admitting a mistake in judgment.

TELL Richard A. Hayne, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Urban Outfitters that it needs to be PULLED FROM STORES.


TEL: 215-564-2313; FAX: 215-568-1549


Urban Outfitters, Inc.
1809 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Third Mom said...

Right on, and thanks for posting this!!

abebech said...

Agh. This is ridiculous. Thanks for checking.

Swerl said...

I'm afraid that they think it's an internet campaign, and if they quietly neuter the internet component of their sales, they can quiet our protest, not admit wrongdoing and save themselves from a PR nightmare -- all while selling their remaining shirts at the brick and mortar outlets.

That's why we need to keep checking with stores and keep demanding the shirt is pulled from shelved -- not just from the internet.

haze said...

Stupid people trying to make a buck with no regard to the cost to other people. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Rhonda said...

Two things:

I also called up my local UO in Toronto and they also have the shirt on their shelves. The interesting thing is, when I spoke to the clerk and said what was on the shirt, he let out a loud gasp.

Everyday I check to see who comes to my blog and where they come in from with statcounter (I know, it sounds weird) and I found that someone read my blog from UO and did a google blogsearch. :P

They're certainly aware of the adoption community's outcry...but the thing is, do they care or are they of the opinion that any publicity is good publicity?

Valerie said...

Thanks for that link. I sent an email straight away!

Tina said...

Damn, I was just in our little downtown today and I wish I'd known this to see if it's on their shelves too. I'm writing another letter....

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