Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol

I'm sure most of you watched and were as moved as I. What made me very happy was how many people I spoke to on the phone tonight -- family and friends -- who were moved for the FIRST TIME by the show. Personally, I felt they did a great job, even though they touched on key points very lightly. It is amazing to me the power of a few seconds of oblique television coverage. I could do this blog for a thousand years and not reach the number of people American Idol did with a few minutes of "coverage".

The End of PovertyLike many, it was Jeffrey Sach's inspiring call to arms, THE END OF POVERTY that originally stoked my passion to help end global poverty. I'd read a review and bought the hardback when it came out. It managed to be rational, spiritual, realistic and hopeful all at the same time, moral in the deepest sense. I think it would be impossible to read it and not be moved.

So, even before the adoption process, global poverty has been on the radar. What amazes me is how many really "felt" it for the first time tonight - even people who've been aware of our adoption. It makes me feel great that perhaps, because of this special episode of an otherwise banal show, I may be saved from having to explain the kind of conditions that lead to children being relinquished in African countries. More importantly, maybe this will represent a turn of a corner for this issue in the mind of public.

I'd love to know what reactions you've heard to the show. Were people surprised? Did people seem to have a new awareness? Will any of them carry forth, allowing their emotions to stoke long-term action?

Please share!

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Stacie said...

We enjoyed the show as well and were moved by the footage. We know our parents were watching, and we hope that it helps them to have a greater understanding of how we were led to want to adopt in Ethiopia. Before the show my Stepmom asked why we wanted to adopt 2 children. I tried to explain, but I think maybe now she has a better understanding. It's hard to put into words what those images conveyed.

Swerl said...

I agree. Thanks for posting!